Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Segue Reading Series presents

Charles Bernstein and Tenney Nathanson
28 April 2007, 4 PM
Bowery Poetry Club,
308 Bowery at Bleecker, NYC
$6 at the door

Hosted by Tim Peterson and Erica Kaufman.

Charles Bernstein's most recent books are Girly Man and With Strings (University of Chicago Press), Shadowtime (Green Integer), and Republics of Reality: 1975-1995 (Sun & Moon). Author page at He teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

from "Self-Help"

Lake Tang Woo Chin Chicken with Lobster and Sweet Clam Sauce still not served and everyone else got their orders twenty minutes back.—Savor the water, feast on the company.

Subway floods and late for audition.—Start being the author of your own performance. Take a walk.

Slip on ice, break arm.—In moments like this, the preciousness of life reveals itself.

Wages down in non-union shop.—You're a sales associate, not a worker; so proud to be part of the company.

Miss the train?--Great chance to explore the station!

Suicide bombers wreck neighborhood—Time to pitch in!

Nothing doing.—Take a break!

Partner in life finds another partner.—Now you can begin the journey of life anew.

Bald?--Finally, you can touch the sky with the top of your head.

Short-term recall shot.—Old memories are sweetest

Hard drive crashes and novel not backed up.—Nothing like a fresh start.

Severe stomach cramps all morning.—Boy are these back issues of Field and Stream engrossing.

Hurricane crushes house.—You never seemed so resilient.

Tenney Nathanson is the author of the book-length poem Home on the Range (The Night Sky with Stars in My Mouth) (O Books, 2005) and the collection Erased Art (Chax Press, 2005). Recent work appears in issue 3 of EOAGH. He is the author of the critical study Whitman's Presence: Body, Voice, and Writing in Leaves of Grass (NYU Press). A native New Yorker, he has lived since 1985 in Tucson, where he teaches American poetry and, from time to time, creative writing in the English Department at the University of Arizona.

Recent work at

from "One Block Over"

What the eyes sees;
Four bottles full of capsules
huge vistas under the hippie's outstretched arm
Utah signed Laszlo Kovacs my name is Emerson what am I
salt crystals splintered ice mounting in the precious miniature the contact lens

it does my laundry. Which is family values:
see, the scones. My terrier
crosses the gingko-lined street
with your biscuit, says Wittgenstein
so I am dead: in private language
weep for the investigations trails jam
I'm sorry that's impossible
Bruckner singing under the larches in the Botanical Gardens
Is an instance of this and I am your bus
if it please your lordship
by the lower instenstine.
and plectrum
it's in Brooklyn. The poodle just sat there and wept
it's an Arp retrospective
I'm no cockney

But we are your bodies.

* * *

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