Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(photo by Aya Karpinska)

The Segue Reading Series presents
E-Poetry 2007 NYC Performances
And A Symposium for the LEA New Media Poetry Special Issue
Event Guest-Curated by Loss Pequeño Glazier.
Featuring Aya Karpinska, Elizabeth Knipe, and Jim Rosenberg. Shawn Rider,Respondent.
21 April 2007, 4 PM
at the Bowery Poetry Club,308 Bowery at Bleecker, New York City
Hosted by Tim Peterson and Erica Kaufman.

Live performances, talks, and discussion about New Media art forms, issues, and poetics in a cordial setting. Poetry is on the move ... catch a glimpse of present poetic forms in action! This event seeks to further conversation about poetics through its sampling in digital forms. Join us for an historic presentation of digital poetics featuring an engaging mix of foundational and emerging digital poets!

About the participants
Aya Karpinska ( is a digital media artist and interaction designer. She is the 2006 recipient of the prestigious Brown University Fellowship in Electronic Writing.

Elizabeth Knipe ( is an engaging interdisciplinary artist. She is digital poet and experimental video artist who entertains an interest in physical electronic installations.

Jim Rosenberg ( has been working in non-linear poetic forms in one medium or another since 1966 and is one of the foundational figures in digital poetry. His best-known work is Intergrams.

Shawn Rider ( is a writer, artist, teacher and programmer, currently working as a Web Technologist for PBS TeacherLine. He is also the owner and Editor in Chief of, a long-running independent videogame review website.

Loss Pequeño Glazier ( ) is a digital poet, professor of Media Study, and Founder and Director of the Electronic Poetry Center. He is the author of the digitally-informed poetry collection Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm (Salt Press) and the digital theory treatise Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries (Alabama UP).

Tim Peterson ( is the author of Since I Moved In (Chax Press). He edits EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts and currently curates part of the Segue Reading Series in New York.

About the LEA New Media Poetry and Poetics issue
Guest edited by Tim Peterson, the issue features Loss Pequeño Glazier, John Cayley with Dimitri Lemmerman, Lori Emerson, Phillippe Bootz, Manuel Portela, Stephanie Strickland, Mez, Maria Engberg and Matthias Hillner. Don't forget to scurry over to the equally exciting gallery, exhibiting works by Jason Nelson, Aya Karpinska, Daniel Canazon Howe, mIEKAL aND, CamillE BacoS, Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet. Click here to access the LEA New Media Poetics Special (LEA Vol 14 No 5 - 6). URL:

Join us on April 21st for this celebration of LEA, the poetics of the present, and the diversity of digital forms!

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