Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Selfish Promotion

marjorie WELISH / jessica GREENBAUM / tim GRIFFIN / rika LESSER / nick BREDIE / steven henry MADOFF
Bowery Poetry Club
6:00 PM - 7:30 [right after Segueway]

This is apparently the first of a series featuring writers who did time at the alma mater on the hudson. yes, we are taking over. yes, we will eat your brains.

Columbia Voices
The first in a series celebrating the range of great writing coming out of Columbia through the decades, the readers on November 18 include poet, painter, and critic Marjorie Welish, whose recent books include Word Group, The Annotated Here” and Selected Poems (an Academy of American Poets Lenore Marshall Prize finalist), and Signifying Art: Essays on Art After 1960; Jessica Greenbaum, whose Inventing Difficulty was the winner of the Nation's Discovery Prize, PEN'’s Emerging Writer Award, and the Gerald Cable Prize for a first book; Tim Griffin, poet, critic, and Editor-in-Chief of Artforum magazine; Nick Bredie, who [is way out-gunned]; Rika Lesser, distinguished poet and translator, author of the books Etruscan Things, All We Need of Hell, and Growing Back, among her many publications; and Steven Henry Madoff, the curator of this series, author of While We're Here, Christopher Wilmarth: Light and Gravity, and many other books and publications.


Blogger Nick Piombino said...

Speaking of selfish promotions, for those of you who could not make it to my Segue Series reading at the
Bowery Poetry Club on November 11, with Kimberly Lyons, the reading is now available on an mp3 at Penn Sound

6:10 PM  

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