Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Poetry news every Seguegian should hear

*Bernadette Mayer et. al. are reading from 0-9 at the Poetry Project Wednesday 10.25 @ 8.

* Nathaniel Mackey is reading at the poetry project this Friday at seven. This is not going to be one to miss. Also here's to Splay Anthem winning the National Book Award on November 15th.

*Corrine Fitzpatrick and C.A. Conrad are reading at Zinc this Sunday.

*Chris Westcott has created an NYC poetry calendar (focusing on new/innovative/experimental/post/avant writing) that is the most useful addition to the world of digital poetry dreck in quite some time. Check it out.

* Earlier this month Brian Kim Stefans launched a new flarf blog that will "examine how this new phenomenon just could not have happened prior to the internet." I happen to have it on record from David Shapiro that he invented Flarf in 1968, but nevermind. Discuss amongst yourselves.


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